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“You have a Great Staff, Beautiful Facility and the Best Prices. I am very pleased.”

“I have Shaved, Waxed and Bleached my body and facial hair for 20 years. Now I am done with all that and I actually enjoy these procedures.”

“Everyone is so kind & knowledgeable, I am so glad to have found you!!”

“I love that everyone here is so friendly… It just always feels so good to come to SkinMedix…it’s like I’m part of a big family!”

“Thank You for the help, kindness and compassion you have shown me. Great place for treatments!”

“I just received my 2nd ReFirme treatment and am thrilled!I didn’t expect to see results for a couple of months, so I was very surprised when the nurse handed me a mirror.There was good improvement in my cheek area, as well as the shape of my face which feels and looks much more defined.Alice, RB.”

“You have the nicest group of people here.I LOVE to come here.It is so EASY.Everyone is professional.No pressure is given.Your services are excellent.”

“Leila was knowledgeable and pleasant… pricing is reasonable and the facility is clean…I am very pleased!”

“Keep Tricia…she is very nice and professional… Great place and staff!”

“Women are crazy to keep waxing. Laser Hair Removal is so easy and effective. I love it at SkinMedix. Carolyn, Torrance.”

“You Rock! I Love You Guys! I have been all over town and Beverly Hills before. You guys are the BEST.”

“Eileen & Kim are Great!! Very, Very, Very Knowledgeable and I work at a rival Spa!!”

“Amanda took the time to talk to me about the procedures. She is the reason why I chose SkinMedix over 3 other facilities. Very Helpful.”

“Carissa is Amazing. She is so Professional, Kind and Excellent at her work. I Love the Results.”