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DEKA DOT Fractional CO2

The Deka SmartXide CO2 is very versatile laser that offers both deep and light skin resurfacing treatment options, allowing us to address our patients concerns with one system!

How it works

The CO2 energy is applied in a fractional pattern, creating very thin and spaced columns of thermal injury to stimulate new collagen production. The tissue between the columns of thermal injury is spared, resulting in a faster healing process.

The “Light Peel” offers Minimal Downtime

The “Light Peel” or “Summertime Peel” allows a superficial laser peel to be achieved with just one pass, resulting in refreshed and lightly resurfaced skin with minimal downtime and at an affordable price! This treatment is a patient favorite! 

Traditional CO2 Skin Resurfacing

This Fractional CO2 laser can also be used for a deeper resurfacing treatment if required, but downtime and photosensitivity is prolonged and can take weeks to resolve so planning is key!


Light Peel Face $300
Light Peel Face & Neck $350
Light Peel Face, Neck & Chest $475
Light Peel Body Starts at $400
CO2 Face $500 
CO2 Face & Neck $650
CO2 Face, Neck & Chest $800