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Understanding Fat Reduction vs Weight Loss

There is a misconception that procedures such as CoolSculpting can be used for weight-loss. In reality, there is a difference between “weight loss” and “fat reduction.” as there are a fixed number of fat cells in our body. When we gain weight, we don’t produce additional fat cells, rather, the fat cells we already have expand and get larger and when we lose weight, they shrink.

By reducing fat cell storage in targeted areas of the body, we can essentially “sculpt” your body. However, the fat cells that remain in your body can still get larger and smaller, depending on weight gain or loss. If you gain weight, and if you’ve reduced fat cells on an area of your body, then the remaining fat cells in the treated area can plump back up or the fat will find somewhere else to settle. Maintaining a healthy weight through diet & exercise will ensure lasting results.

Finally, patients need to understand that multiple sessions and or a combination of therapies may be necessary and maintenance treatment are recommended for best results.

There are several different Body Contouring technologies and treatments on the market today and most work by helping to reduce stubborn fat pockets, (CoolSculpting), increase circulation & tighten skin, (Venus RF) or by exercising certain muscle groups (muscle stimulation.) At SkinMedix we recommend a combination of these 3 therapies for the best Body Contouring results.