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The Nordlys 1940 & 1550 Fractionated Resurfacing

Everyone’s skin is unique and not all skin conditions can be treated the same way. That’s why the Nordlys™ system offers 2 different state-of-the-art technologies which can be used together or as a stand alone treatments:

Frax 1940 laser: This popular treatment is ideal for addressing superficial skin conditions such as pigment, dull skin, sun damage, pore size, fine lines & mild skin laxity with minimal downtime! On Sale for a limited time!

Frax 1550 laser: delivers very small, controlled bursts of heat energy sub dermally to stimulate collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. This treatment is best when combined with the Frax 1940!

Dual Frax: Combines the best of the Frax 1550 & Frax 1940 energies in one treatment session for the best possible results!

The Light & Bright treatment: The Light & Bright treatment combines both intense pulsed light (IPL)  and Frax 1940 during one treatment session to target pigment and dullness for the best possible results with minimal downtime.


Frax 1940: $300 – $475 based on areas
Dual Frax: $400 – $600 based on areas