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Hydra-Dermabrasion & Hydra-MicroNeedling

Two Great Treatments – One Great System!

The MiraPeel System™ offers two proven technologies  – Hydra-Dermabrasion & Hydra-Microneedling. While these two treatments perform separate functions and can be done as stand alone treatments, when combined in a session, they offer the ultimate in skin rejuvenation to deep cleanse, exfoliate, infuse, and stimulate collagen. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Mira-Brasion

A specially designed diamond tip is applied to the skin using vacuum pressure while proprietary serums are being simultaneously dispensed to the outermost layer of skin, leaving skin deeply cleansed and exfoliated while the skin is infused with active ingredients.

Step 2 – Mira-Needling

This serum infused, micro-needling treatment uses a specially designed rolling tip and suction to gently draw skin up to 0.25mm needles, while simultaneously allowing nourishing actives to deeply penetrate the skin. This non-invasive micro-needling treatment triggers the skin’s natural wound healing response, stimulating collagen, improving elasticity, minimizing pores & acne scars.Think of this as the next generation of micro-needling with little to no downtime!

Step 3 – Calm & Soothe the Skin

LED lights and a soothing bio-cellulose mask are used to deeply hydrate and calm the skin. After a MIRAPeel treatment, you may experience some minor bruising and redness which will fade within a few days. You will also begin to notice the “MIRA-WOW” effect and should continue to notice results for a few weeks after treatment, with the most dramatic results apparent about one-month post-treatment when your collagen production has increased.

Mira-Brasion Treatment – $175.00

Mira-Needling – $200.00

Deluxe Combo Treatment – $325.00