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Micro-Toning uses electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) to passively exercise muscle groups to tone and sculpt the body. Comparing a traditional workout, to a 30 minute Micro-Toning Session, EMS is 30 times more effective at building stronger more defined muscles. Microcurrent also speeds up the repair of muscle fibers and removes lactic acid, drastically reducing muscle soreness.

Micro-Toning is a safe and simple treatment which helps to achieve visible improvement in body contour and skin tone. Results may be seen after just one session, a series of 5-10 treatments is suggested for best results.

$100 for a 30 min session

Benefits –

Improves Skin
When Micro-current is applied to the skin, a “self healing” is triggered and a cascade of benefits occur; micro-circulation is improved, blood flow is enhanced leading to oxygen uptake, absorption of nutrients, elimination of toxins & cellular waste, ion exchange and free radicals are neutralized.

Improves Cellulite
Since EMS stimulates both the skin and muscle, Cellulite is automatically improved. Due to the energy demand on the muscle during a treatment, the surrounding fat is utilized as an energy source, thereby improving Cellulite. The result is smoother skin and a firmer, toned body!

Therapeutic Benefits
The core of the body, particularly the back, is prone to muscle imbalances, and this can lead to poor posture and pain. EMS is an excellent treatment for core & pelvic floor muscles and is an ideal treatment for people with joint issues, injuries, or those recovering from illness or surgeries. ATP, known as the “energy of life” to our cells, is significantly increased by using Microcurrent and this aids in healing and recovery.

Increases Circulation
When Microcurrent is applied to a problem area, several benefits occur, circulation is stimulated, blood flow is increased, healing occurs via oxygen uptake, absorption of nutrients, elimination of toxins, and free radicals are neutralized.