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SkinMedix Policies & Updates

Effective July 2020

Confirmation Calls & Cancellation Policy

In order to keep our prices fair and affordable we work really hard to not have gaps in our schedule which can get costly for a medical practice, so we always provide a courtesy reminder call the day prior to your scheduledappointment and we do require 24 hour notice of cancellation of an appointment to avoid a $25.00 fee per 1/2 hour. If you are a No Call-No Show for an appointment then the fee goes up to $50.00 per 1/2 hour. We understand that your time is valuable too so if for any reason we have to cancel your appointment same day we will give a $25.00 credit on your next treatment.

Our policy regarding Botox, Dysport & Newtox.
Minimum Units & Free “Touch-ups”

We require a minimum of $150 purchase of Wrinkle Relaxers per visit so that equals:

Botox – 12 units

Dysport – 37.50 units

NewTox – 15 units

Some practices charge “per area” and a free touch-up is customary. At SkinMedix we prefer to charge “per unit” so you only pay for what you actually receive, making it a flexible and cost effective option, but we do charge for any additional units needed within 3 weeks of the initial treatment. The only exception is when obvious “spocking” is witnessed then 1 to 2 units is used to correct it at the discretion of your provider.