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Laser Hair Removal

About Laser Hair Removal

At SkinMedix we use 2 proven lasers, the LightSheer Duet & The Candela YAG for the treatment of unwanted hair on all skin types. During a treatment, laser energy is delivered to the hair follicle to heat up the hair and significantly impedes the follicles ability to re-grow hair. A minimum or 6 to 12 treatments once every 4 to 6 weeks is required to achieve 80 to 90% hair reduction. It is normal for small amounts of hair to grow back and this could require a periodic maintenance treatment once or twice a year.

How to prepare for your Laser Hair Removal appointment:

  • Shave the desired treatment areas the same day
  • Remove all makeup, deodorant and lotion prior to treatment
  • Avoid sun exposure, tanning beds and self-tanners
  • Be sure to notify us if you are on any new medications as some are photo-sensitizing