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Plasma Pen Resurfacing

Skin Rejuvenation. Skin Tightening. Skin Lifting

What is Plasma Resurfacing?

Plasma Pen is an innovative resurfacing device. The unique Plasma Pen nano-probes deliver concentrated nitrogen plasma gas to the epidermal layer of the skin causing pin-points of “micro-trauma.” This micro-trauma affects the superficial epidermis, as well as the deeper dermis, stimulating collagen and fibroblasts.

What is the Plasma Pen treatment process?

During a treatment, a small pin-point of plasma energy is transferred to the skin creating micro-wounds. These pinpoints form crusts that shed off naturally over time to reveal newer, smoother, and tighter skin. The results from this treatment are both immediate and cumulative. A consultation is required prior to booking as this treatment does have downtime and the healing process for the creation of new smooth tissue can take up to 12 – 16 weeks and in certain cases, even longer.