Miltex CyroFreeze

CryoFreeze is a simple in office procedure can be used to spot treat unwanted age spots and growths on your face and body with pin point precision. A gentle cold spray is delivered by a special tip directed at the specific area of concern causing a frostbite type reaction. There is a small stinging sensation, which is temporary. Cryotherapy is widely used to treat many dermatologic conditions such as skin tags, milia, warts, actinic keratosis, age spots, and is an appropriate treatment for either benign or malignant lesions.

After the procedure, the spot will be red and swollen for a few days.  The brown spot will get darker and eventually will flake off after approximately 1-2 weeks. Sometimes more than one treatment is needed to fully remove the spot.

No anesthetic needed, minimal downtime, and 15 to 30 minutes is all you need. Multiple treatments may be required for certain lesions.

Prices start at $75 for 1 to 3 lesions and go up to $250 for up to 20 lesions depending on the size of the lesions. A consultation is recommended.

Please call our office to schedule your appointment.